Monday, December 6, 2010

Printing Release Forms for Photographers

Here is the wording that one photographer uses:

Customer Name and Address:

Date of Sitting:

Subjects: (Full names of all people in photos if available)

Description - (example: 50 photos presented in both B&W and color formats. Three children, Outdoor shoot. Photo-journal/documentary style.)

I, JENNIFER JONES grant unlimited printing release to (Customer Name). This release is fully transferable by the above named FOR PRINTING ONLY, and a copy of this document should be considered adequate proof of release by the printer. This release does not include rights of sale, nor is permission granted for contest entry without written permission from Jennifer Jones. Reproduction rights of described photography transfered only if signed addendum to this form has been provided by the above named customer. Copyright is retained by Jennifer Jones for the above described photos.

Note for printer: If further information is needed per your company policy or verbal confirmation, please do not hesitate to call the above number. THANK YOU!

Signature _________________ Date: ___________________

For Customer Use:
Transfered to:
Signature ----------- Date ----------

I print this on company letterhead, and all of the major chain's have been more than accepting of the form. I received one call from a small framing and printing company who asked me to fax over a blanket release as well to cover themselves.

via: Photo Printing Release for Wallyworld, Walgreens.. - DPChallenge Forums

Here is another photographer's actual Photo Printing Release Form:

This agreement is entered into between __________________________, hereinafter Photographer, and
__________________________ and _________________________, herein after customer.

In acknowledgment of payment in full for photography services performed on (insert date/dates) in the amount
of ___________, the Photographer hereby grants to the Customer unlimited reproduction rights to the
photographs for personal (non‐commercial) use. The Photographer also acknowledges that the Customer owns the
copyright of images commissioned for domestic use (for example, family portraits, wedding photos etc). The
Photographer claims a "right of restraint" to prohibit the use of images commissioned for domestic use being used
for commercial purposes without prior written agreement. Where images are commissioned for commercial use,
the Customer acknowledges that the copyright is owned by the Photographer and subsequent use will be as
agreed. Requests for commercial use of photographs are to be submitted for approval. An additional fee may be

Photographer reserves the right to prohibit the copying of a CD/DVD containing the photographs where the
CD/DVD contains a presentation produced by Photographer.

The Customer hereby indemnifies the Photographer against any claims and damages, including reasonable legal
fees, arising from the Customer's use of the photographs and the Photographer's use of any material under
instruction from the Customer.

Number of Copies/Sizes: ________________________
Date Permission Expires: ________________________
Copyright Author Name (Printed): __________________
Copyright Author Signature: _______________________
Address: _____________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________
Date: ________________________________________
Session Date: _____________________
Customer Signature: _______________________________


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